Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Review: "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall

Genre: Non-fiction

Style: Narrative

Summary: So this guy’s, McDougall, feet hurt when he runs and he wants to know why. He goes to a specialist who tells him runners are prone to injury and that’s just the way it is. McDougall feel's there must be more than this self-defeating explanation, so he decides to do his own research. He ends up discovering about this legendary running Indian tribe called the Tarahumara who live in the Copper Canyons in Mexico. As he learns more about the Tarahumara, he also learns about the science behind running, the myths that keep people away and the colorful characters that make up a running world few people know about.  

Cover Appeal: Great. The title and author name are in yellow and contrast nicely with the cover photo of a man atop a mountain surrounded by blue sky.

Did I have interest in the topic beforehand?
Yes, I did. I had heard about the book while watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart a year or two back. McDougall gave a great interview, and I instantly wanted to go out and buy his book.

Do I have/still have interest in the topic after reading? Why?
I do. After finishing this book, which has tons of useful tidbits, I wanted to run! I did track in high school for about a month, but that sort of running wasn’t for me. McDougall makes a very persuading case on why EVERYONE should run and why everyone CAN run.

How long will this take you to read?
The book's at about 450 pages with below-average size print. With an average reading time of about 200 to 400 words per minutes, it'll take you around five to six hours to read, non-stop. Let's say you spend half an hour a day, than that's about 12 days. 

Final Recommendation: READ! 


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