Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I read this article about how writing out what you're thankful for, in detail, increases your happiness and well-being by a significant percentage, according to various studies. 

So I wanted to try it out and see if it works!

What I'm thankful for in no particular order:

-Being healthy: Everything works! 

-Sweet potatoes: Delicious and SO easy to make. 

-Netflix AND Hulu: I don't have a TV so these two are a Godsend. 

-My amazing Mami: She's unconditionally loving and supportive of me and everything I do. I'd be completely and totally lost without her. 

-My sister: She drives me crazy and keeps me sane all at once.

-My brother and sister-in-law and my three wonderful nephews: Me and my brother aren't as close as we use to be but I hope that one day we get back to that. I know he loves and cares about me and I hope he knows how much I love and care about him.

-Coffee!: OMG, it should be called the Elixir of Life.

-Not having to worry about paying back student loans: I AM SO LUCKY! Financial aid, by way of scholarships and grants, was very generous to me and I was provided a free college education.  

-Friends who still care: Y'all rock!

-Mircrowaves: Cause who feels like cooking EVERY DAY??

-The boyfriend: He makes me laugh, he lets me cry and we just mesh astoundingly well. It's unnatural. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"If I knew what I was doing, I'd be doing it."

I left my old job and came to Music City a.k.a. Nashville. No, I am not one of the hundred's of thousand's of people who come here looking to find music stardom. Nope, I'm just hoping for a regular 9- to- 5 that'll help me grow as a person and figure out WHAT IN THE WORLD I am suppose to be doing with my life.

I can think of the happiest time in my life and the saddest time in my life and even the okay'est time in my life. Right this moment, at the stark old age of 22, is most definitely the most LOST time of my life. 

If you're reading this, have you ever felt this way? Are you currently feeling this way too? If you are, know someone is TOTALLY sympathetic to your situation. I wish and hope only the best for you. I understand.