Friday, January 6, 2012

I have a job!!

As a hostess! (No, not the heavily processed dessert cake.)

I work at a restaurant in Nashville, and I've been there for the last month or so. 

Is what I've always dreamed of?


Is it good enough for now?

Hellz to the yeah! 

It's funny. I feel really good because I have a job. I like the fact that I have somewhere to be early in the morning. That I'm contributing to society. That I'm "making it rain." (In dollar bills, but you know, whatever.) 

But I feel embarrassed also. I graduated from college. I have a degree (albeit worthless it seems) in journalism and a minor in Latin American studies. I worked at a newspaper. I worked at a non-profit that helped kids with their literacy skills. And now I'm a hostess? I went to college for four years, garnered all that experience and the best I could do was a hostess? 

It helps knowing I'm not alone. According to this study done by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, 17 million Americans with college degrees are in occupations that do not require college degrees. For instance almost 30 percent of flight attendants have college degrees. (The woman who just handed you a snack for the flight? She graduated with honors in Spanish literature.)

Or 25 percent of amusement and recreation attendants. (That guy who just latched you on to Splash Mountain at Disney World? Yup, he probably majored in psychology with a post-bac in What The Hell Did I Do To Deserve This.) 

The list goes on and on. 13 percent of waiters and waitresses, 16 percent of bartenders, 13 percent of receptionists. 

I want to find these people and be friends!

Good thing I know where to look. 

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