Friday, September 30, 2011

This IS my life afterall...

I did it. I left my job.

Well, almost. I gave my two weeks notice. Everything went very smoothly when I announced I was leaving. The higher-ups understood my position and have wished me all the best. I am EXTREMELY lucky to be part of such a supportive collective.

I feel relief and am at total peace with my decision.

But I am a TAD bit worried. I am unemployed. In a bad job market.

Sort of. Although the unemployment rate is at 9 percent, the unemployment rate for those with bachelor's degrees is at 4.3 percent.

It might take a while but that's OK. I CAN DO THIS.

Short term goal: Get everything in line so that I can leave two to three weeks from now.

Long-short term goal: Find a job AND/OR look into furthering my education, if I deem it necessary.

Long-term goal: Be happy.

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